CRATE - Titanium | Carbon Fiber Multi-Mode Wallet

Created by Narbeh Khoygani

CRATE - Titanium | Carbon Fiber Multi-Mode Wallet
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Estimated Shipping Date: February 2017
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Learn About Our Project:

CRATE is a patent pending wallet design that is fully modular and multi-purpose, redefining what a wallet should be. When we set to design CRATE, our focus was to offer vast level of customization so it could be unique to each individual baring in mind simplicity and functionality. Since we use our wallets almost everyday, it's important that we enjoy them knowing it won't weight us down. 

When we looked at the existing market of men’s wallets, one thing became quite clear. There were premium wallets and there were practical wallets. The two never overlapped. Until the CRATE. A wallet that is both functional in handling and yet crafted with premium materials that is aesthetically appealing. CRATE is sophisticated without being overindulgent. Every part has a purpose and is designed to make your life easier and belongings secure.



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What good is a wallet that can’t last a long time and be functional? That was the question that we asked before ever putting pen to paper. By combining aerospace grade materials such as Titanium, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber, we were able to create a modular wallet that will surly last the test of your daily life activities and offer  an unmatched level of personalization. In addition to the main design of the wallet, we took a step forward and enhanced the functionality by simply creating and optional exclusive multi-tool that is intended for CRATE. We call it the “K-Tool”. 


When it comes to storing small accessories along with your cards and cash, CRATE wallet securely stores different size accessories from house keys to even business cards. With its rigid design, it's guaranteed to keep your belongings secure, no matter what you store, without falling out of the wallet.



Don't let the simple tasks stop you from enjoying them. K-Tool is the integration of simple and useful ideas that is bound to make them more tolerable. In addition to the hex wrenches, K-Tool is capable of opening bottle caps to even being a phone stand for variety of phones in different shapes and sizes.


In the age of technology and innovation, we've challenged ourselves to redefine what a wallet should be. The result was a modular design that won’t limit you, but morph into your lifestyle. Since CRATE is designed to be fully modular, it allows you to mix, match and swap different plates to fit your needs.



With its 5-in-1 design, CRATE is capable of transforming to 5 different modes that will certainly fit your lifestyle without any compromises.




Get the most out of you wallet with the Full Mode! This mode is consisted of all the included plates and elements that make CRATE a complete wallet. It is capable of storing the K-Tool, Small Accessories, 8 cards and cash.





The transformation from Full to Essential mode is a breeze! By simply pulling out the back plate, the wallet transforms into an essential wallet. It retains most of it functionality in comparison to the Full Mode, however it allows for a slimmer wallet fully pledged functional wallet capable of storing the K-Tool, Small Accessories, 3 Cards and Cash.






We each carry out our day to day tasks differently and we take shape into it. Our wallets should to! By simply removing the Mid-Plate, CRATE becomes a compact wallet that is capable of storing up to 6 cards and and cash. 





For those who enjoy the the simpler things in life, the Light mode can be a great companion. Light Mode can store up to 3 cards and cash.





As the name implies, Air is the the smallest and lightest mode! It's perfect for those who want to carry up to 2 cards and cash.













CRATE wallet is a remarkable product! The Mid-Plates are machined out of 6000 Series Aluminum and Carbon Fiber meanwhile the End-Plates are CNC cut from GRADE 5 Titanium and Carbon Fiber. With its modular design following the concept of symmetrical aesthetics, CRATE is bound to stand out and impress while being lighter and structurally efficient.

Early Titanium Mid-Plate Prototype
Early Titanium Mid-Plate Prototype


We've built a strong relationship with our manufacturing partners, allowing us to manufacture CRATE right here in the heart of California. Our partnership with one of the most major engineering firms, American Best Engineering, grants us access to state of the art machinery that are used in the field of aerospace engineering. With increased capacity for higher level of production, we have positioned our selves to to fulfill our commitment to our backers!